Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Things to Consider For Moving IN or OUT

We have much to think about and to consider in transferring our locations. It might be from work or residence. How it will affect your time or lifestyle where you’re  to be now.  Being with your family and friends, transport needs to work or home will bring new set up and a brand new adjustments.  But to start with, is how to transfer your personal and home belongings.

First of all, we should take the consideration of the location. What type of building are you staying for the moment or the place to transfer, whether it is an HDB, Condominium or landed house. From there we can we imagine what we have to consider starting with the timing of move in or out. There are some condo building which has a vertical limit at the parking areas and we need to check what size of the vehicle we need to send and/or how things to be brought out of the building like using the lift or by stairs. Timing is really important especially with the condominium policies that they mostly allow moving in and out from their building within office hours that the tenants has usually got conflicts due to their job schedules. Most importantly is you need to secure a permit from the building management especially to the condominiums for move in or out or else, no moving will happen.

Secondly, we should see and assess our things or items to be transported. Of course, we need to take or choose the way we can transport  things in a less stress or the easiest way to transfer. After packing all your items, transporting and unpacking and arranging all your items is really tiring besides from adjusting to the new environment and to new house mates. Thus, in this case, registered movers have thought of how to help you in moving according to your needs. Provision of packers, movers and and even with the packing items and materials (like carton boxes, wraps, tapes. etc).

Thirdly, is the Budget. This where we make varieties of inquiries to differentiate and seek the mover where our budget will fit in and and provide our considerations and needs. There are movers that provides per trip or per per hour rate, some are with distances and others may count the value per items. Different strokes for different folks will work for different kinds of movers.

Whatever you may call it like removal, moving, relocation, house transfer, etc.,  we want to give our best to give the most convenient and easy moving.  Mover_101 is your best choice to move to a new start!!!


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